Tube Flexi and tube Plus


We deliver tube ALLUX Flexi and tube ALLUX Plus for diameters of light tubes ALLUX 250, ALLUX 350 and ALLUX 550.


Do you have short distance between roof and ceiling?

Use tube Flexi! Why pay for more expensive tube Plus when you don’t need it?


Do you have hole in ceiling somewhere else than you have planned?

Use tube Flexi thanks to its easy montage!


Do you have big distance between roof and ceiling?

Use tube Plus! Thanks to mirror coating it will bring light practically on every thinkable distance in building.


Do you want to save money and have tube Plus at the same time!

So combine tubes!  Part of the tube can be flexible (tube Flexi) and part can be from a mirror material (tube Plus)


More information about tube Flexi

More information about tube Plus