Polycarbonate cupola ALLUX

Why we use polycarbonate cupola?

There are some (essential) reasons why we avoid cupolas of glass:

  • Polycarbonate cupola lets more light go through. Glass cupola is usually serrated and composed from different facets. In joints of these facets there is lower penetration of solar rays which go into a light tube.
  • Polycarbonate cupola has better thermal insulation parameters. Polycarbonate is a thermal insulant unlike glass (glass is a thermal conductor).
  • Polycarbonate dome has UV filter so next parts of light tube under dome are less burdened and their lifespan is extended.
  • Cupola keeps a same colour for a long time thanks to the UV filter again.
  • Polycarbonate is  unbreakable material.

Why we use spherical cupola shape instead of flat roof window?

Advantages of a spherical cupola:

  • maximization of sun rays absorption – it is most evident during morning or evening, when the sun is not so high above horizon. Are you at home mostly in the morning or evening either?
  • maximization of sun rays absorption during cloudy days, when only diffused (indirect) light comes to us. Have you ever counted how many cloudy days during autumn and spring do we have?
    Really a lot of them.
  • thanks to a spherical shape of cupola there is a minimum of impurities. Common impurities are continuously washed off with rain, so you don’t have to clean it.
  • cupola is attached to the roof cuff of light tube – roof membrane will ensure that the cupola is raised above the level of tiles, so that absorption is at maximum.
  • roof cuff has a positive effect during winter – cupola of light tube rises above the level of snow cover and so cupola can obtain daylight.

 Cupola and roof part of light tube ALLUX