The beam bulb

Transform light tube ALLUX to interior ceiling light!

As accessories to all diameters of light tubes ALLUX we deliver:

Separate beam bulb (holder) for an energy saving lamp or LED bulb. So you don’t have to install another ceiling light next to a diffuser on ceiling. Thanks to our beam bulb you can transform light tube ALLUX to ceiling light every time, when there is not enough daylight.


  • At night when is no daylight
  • during cloudy or winter days when there is not enough daylight, you can use bulb for getting more light. So you will get a daylight from the roof diffusor together with a light from a bulb. That’s why you should choose a bulb which is imitating white cold light, so the colours of light from both sources (sun and bulb) would be similar as possible.


  • location above diffuser inside the tube
  • designed for energy saving bulbs or LED sources (220 V, for light source with socket E27)
  • recommended light sources: Panlux SMD 96 LED, SMD 81 LED or every energy saving fluorescent tube


  • Don’t use classic light bulbs, which are emitting a lot of heat!!!