Light tube ALLUX

Light tubes ALLUX are used for lighting houses, offices, office buildings, factory buildings etc. with natural day light. Day light penetrates through the transparent cupola on the roof to the light tubes with high reflexive coating, which then reflect the day light to ceiling diffuser of light tubes. The ceiling diffuser equally diffuses day light in a room and that’s why people are not experiencing glare and diffused day light is pleasantly soft.

Diameters of light tubes ALLUX – 250, 350, 550 and 850 mm

Practical usage of light tubes ALLUX (examples)

  • Are you forced to use light bulbs in dark areas of your house?
  • Are you working in a workshop or office with lack of day light for the whole day?
  • Do you need more light in kid’s rooms?
  • Do you hate switching lights on every time when you are just going through a hall in your house?
  • Are you switching lights on every time when you work in kitchen, even during day?
  • Or every time when you enter bathroom?

We will light your homes and even commercial buildings up. A day light is the healthiest and for free.
Light tubes ALLUX – lot of types and choices which are made exactly according to your notions and needs.

Light tubes ALLUX – Home for visually impaired – PALATA, Na Hřebenkách, Praha 5

Benefits of lighting with day light

  • lighting with day light  = healthiest, cheap and ecologic lighting
  • preservers real colours in room
  • help with solving of syndrome of unhealthy buildings
  • reduces feelings such as sleepiness and overall fatigue
  • reduces winter depression caused by a lack of day light
  • reduces feeling on unease in otherwise closed spaces without day light
  • day light improves immune system of a human being, his concentration and mood
  • positively affect houseplants

General benefits of light tubes ALLUX

  • effective lighting of room with lack of day light
  • lights up spaces for which regular or roof windows, or even skydomes are not enough
  • make rooms, that can’ t be effectively used without them, more attractive
  • space illuminated by day light becomes safer, nicer and happier

Light tubes ALLUX – pharmacy Kaufland Karlovy Vary