Tube Plus – material

How good is a reflection of day light of the tube ALLUX Plus?

Very good, up to 98,2 % !

  • Reflexive coating of the tube is made by a chemical vaporing in vacuum and contains several layers including silver.
  • Reflexive inner coating contains oxides of silicon for maximization of a light reflection when it’s in contact with surface of tube.
  • Reflected daylight retains white visible spectrum, any unwanted colouring of light is not happening
  • Reflective surface is resistant to temperature changes and moisture

It’s the best reflective material, which is available on the market at the moment.

Why we don’t use solid tubes with attached reflective foil?

  • Lower efficiency of reflective sticky foil
  • Shorter lifetime
  • Changing of temperatures in the tube is not good for this foil

Graph of comparison light reflection of tube ALLUX Plus and tube with reflective foil in time

(red line – tube ALLUX Plus, blue line – reflective foil sticked to a tube)