Thermally insulated base for a flat roof

We deliver thermally insulated base for flat or slightly slanting roofs with hydro insulation.

Why is efficient to place a light tube on the base (cuff)

  • cupola of light tube is placed above roof, so it can absorb as much day light as possible
  • during winter there will be no snow over the cupola so a light tube can still do its job
  • connection of hydro insulation of roof to base is simple and minimalizes possibility of leaking – important factor!
  • using of thermally insulated base SIGNIFICANTLY reduces probability of condensation!

Design of base (cuff)

  • height is 30 cm or 50 cm

Status of insulated base after PVC waterproofing

  • now there is everything ready for montage of the roof part of a light tube
  • before placing a light tube we use bitumen sealant on the bearing surface

Status after the montage of roof part of light tube ALLUX

  • the height of base is chosen with regard to place of montage (amount of snow)
  • in lowlands we choose height of base 30 cm, in mountain areas it is 50 cm

Thermo insulated round base for flat roof

  • it can be delivered in heights 15 cm, 30 cm and 50 cm
  • for light tubes ALLUX 350, 550 a 850 (cannot be used for light tube ALLUX 250)
  • fiberglass double-layer base
  • U = 1,12 W/m2.K (insolation thickness 20 mm – polyurethane)


 Sample light tube assembly to the base