About Us

Company ALLUX – STAV s.r.o. is involved in manufacturing of light tubes which are delivered under the trade mark ALLUX. So if you are going to buy something from us, you will be buying it directly from the source.

We have already managed to do hundreds of implementations and montages of light tubes ALLUX for private, business or national subjects. We offer delivery and montage to construction companies of all sizes, to end users (owners of family houses) and we cooperate with architects and project architects.

 Light tubes ALLUX represent big benefits not only for users, but they also contribute to lowering the energetic demand of each of us. User of light tubes ALLUX lowers his carbon footprint on the planet Earth (lower consumption of an electric energy). 

Every delivery of a light tube is every time made exactly for specified object, so we recommend You:

  • to consult with our staff all the time or
  • fill in structured form of demand which will guide you through the right inputs of all parameters that are important for creating appropriate offer for your object.